Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Episode 08 -  Jollification

'I don't know?, may be trekking?' 'Oh, I'd be impressed if it is. So, what is it?' 'We are going to the Ongoye forest for trekking. We will be spending two days there. It's going to be wonderful.

Toby sat for a while thinking. "Ah! I 've heard above Ongoye forest! It's very dangerous." 'Come on. Nothing's dangerous. It's pretty cool, I've heard. What do you know about Ongoye?'. Toby smiled ' I don't know. Just heard stuff about....'Leave it all. Do you want go there?' asked Quinn. Toby gave him a cold stare and smiled. 'Let's go,Quinn'.

The following weekend,Toby and Quinn packed their stuff and were ready to go the Ongoye forest to have fun and some romance.Quinn had a V4 Sahara Jeep, his favorite one. They drove to the Ongoye forest and on the way they discussed on various topics like cinema,sports and of course their university. Quinn asked Toby 'What do you think about ghosts?' Wha-what?, ghosts, oh shut up! There are no ghosts and if they would have existed I would have  seen one by now! Toby frowned. My grandmother used to tell me a lot of incidents that really happened. Quinn gave a huge grin. 'Toby, you must grow up'.

'Let's pull over here. I am famished. What about you? Aren't you hungry?' ' I am hungry as a bear' winked Quinn. 'You wouldn't tell me a thing' 'What, I just told you that I am hungry!' 'You told me that only when I asked you' 'Alright! Alright! Let's pull over at a descent highway motel.'

They took the table at the S'Gate highway motel. They ordered their food quickly and started to eat. 'The food here isn't so tasty. I thought you knew this place well. 'Come on , Toby, this is just a motel and what do you expect?'
-----To be continued.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Episode 07- Back in the days

Quinn came running to see Swami straightway as he woke up. 'I am scared to death.Help me out.The holy rope you gave me has disappeared'. 'Cool down.You can leave to your place now.I was thinking that the problem was small. Now I don't have any idea.I am sorry Quinn.Looks like I cannot help you.
'You tried your best did you not'? Swami shook his head and asked Mano to arrange  his travel.'I will be in touch with you,Quinn.'Bye,Swami.Quinn left with full of disappointment in his heart.'This guy said that he would cure everything?' Quinn thought to himself. Quinn was perplexed. 'Oh, well, I 'd better call Steve now.' 'Hello? Is this Steve'?' 'Yes,Quinn, How is India?' 'Steve, this guy,Swami has now asked me to go back to the states? What on earth is happening? Things have got worse and I don't wanna be at home. I am scared,Steve'. 'I don't have answers for you,Steve'. 'I'll be there in the next three days. I 'll meet you'. 'OK, Quinn, take care.'

Quinn went to his hotel room and undressed and took a bath. He came to  bed and switched on the TV. There were a bunch of Indian regional channels and he wasn't interested. He switched off the TV. Quinn closed his eyes and ---------

Rhodes University, 2006. Quinn was having breakfast with Toby at the University. 'Hey, what's the plan today?' was the question from Quinn to Toby;one of Quinn's friends. Toby was a tall woman with a fair complexion. Her ancestors were from the Netherlands. She was very beautiful,also a very confident,cool-headed girl. 'Let's go to Jimmy's cafe' 'Alright,lets go'. They headed to Jimmy's Cafe which was an hour's travel from their University.They arrived at Jimmy's and took their seats. 'What would you like to have sir?' 'Two Egg Muffins, an Espresso and a Red Cappuccino,please'.
So, where should we go for the vacation, this time, Quinn. I am very eager. We are gonna have so much fun'.

----To be continued...

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Episode 6- Possessed!

'Okay, Alright. Am I gonna be fine from now?' 'This doesn't allow you anything to near you, I mean any bad spirit, OK? Stay strong young man, you will be fine' 'I hope so' nodded Quinn. 'How long am gonna be here'? 'Priest Steve would have already told you the plan.. 'Yeah. He did tell me'. He told me that you were gonna perform some ritual and then I could leave after you are finished. 'Yes. that's right. so you already knew,didn't you? 'But i wasn't clear,that's why I asked you'.'Don't worry. I have a person to look after you. He's my assistant Mano. Mano was short man with a small face and a thin body. He will take care of you, just in case you need anything. 'Alright. I am leaving to my hotel. Thanks for your help Swami'. 'No. Wait, I want to talk to you. Do want to know what happened to you? Quinn shook his head 'Not again, swami. You said I am a victim of black magic. Is that it?' 'No son. You are possessed by some weird evil spirits.' ' what the heck? I don't believe it' Quinn couldn't believe what Swami told him. 'Calm down son. Come with me. That's why I called you here to India. I'll take it out of your body and send you back.' 'Is this some kind of exorcism'? 'Not exactly' said Swami. You relax now. 'Go and have some fun if you want.' Quinn left the place confused. Quinn spend the rest if the day shopping with Mano and finally left to his hotel room. The time was 11:00 pm in the night. He was tired and he slept immediately. The time was 12:20AM. Quinn woke up all of a sudden with his body itching very badly. 'Oh. God what's wrong. I am itching like crazy'. 'Oh. God, save me'. Quinn woke up from his bed and went and stood in front of a mirror in the room to take a look at his body.

Quinn saw his body his back which had a lot of pimples. He suddenly saw an image moving in the mirror. 'What the?' Quinn was shocked. He took a close look at the mirror. He now saw a weird shadow that was approaching him. Oh God 'No.......'

Quinn woke up in the morning with some blood on his nose and the some of the things disarranged and that had fallen down from the table and bed. The rope that was given to him was not there in his hand.
-To be continued....

Friday, 20 March 2015

Episode 05- Welcome to India

‘Welcome back, son!’ said Swami with a smirk on his face. Quinn was puzzled  and though to himself ‘Looks like this guy has been expecting me’. ‘Yes, Swami, help me out. Weird things are happening with me’. ‘Don’t worry son. Everything is going to be fine.’  ‘But how’? argued Quinn. I need you to come with me to India. ‘No way’  ‘I have a lot of things to do. Can’t you suggest something in here’? ‘Well for your case, it is not possible, Quinn. I will make you fine and send you back here. ‘Ok. I’ll let you know.’ ‘Ok. Son I am leaving tomorrow to India. ‘Expecting you in India, son.’  ‘Ok, Swami. Give me the details. I will meet you there’. ‘Good for you’ said Swami and smiled.

After one month, Quinn was in the International terminal at the MIA. It was Quinn’s first time to India. He was not happy going to India. I will get his problem sorted and return as soon as possible, he thought. He reached the Chennai International airport in India. Some of Swami’s followers came to receive Quinn. They had a sign board Welcome- Joseph Quinn -Miami. He saw the signboard and called Swami and confirmed. He was taken in a car to one of Swami’s ashrams in Chennai.

‘There you are. Happy to see you in India, son’ welcomed Swami. Quinn smiled at Swami and said ‘ I hope to clear up things and leave as soon as possible’. ‘Tell me, what’s to be –
Swami stopped him ‘Son, you have been cursed and you right now are a huge victim of black magic. I can explain it to you.  Just answer my questions. ‘Have you not been able to sleep well lately?’ ‘Yes’ ‘are you tired all the time’? ‘Do you get frightened by things that you would never be frightened of’? ‘Yes’. ‘Then black magic it is, Quinn’. Quinn looked terrified ‘But I have never done bad things to others’.  ‘Quinn, people who do not like you or who are jealous of you would have done it. ‘Now, what do we do’? was the question from Quinn.

Swami stood up and gave him a holy rope to tie on his hand. ‘Do I really need this, Swami?’
‘Yes, you do’. He tied the rope on his hand and asked him not to remove it.

--To be continued.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

                                  Episode 4: Blood curdling-night

Here it is. Quinn and Joe were awake till midnight and they waited for  the symptoms that Quinn said. Since they had beer and were tired; they were asleep by 12:30. Everything was calm. The time was 2:30 AM. Quinn could hear a child;  a girl  who was squalling. He looked at his watch. The time was 2:40. He gave a sign of relief. This mustn't be something that I am looking for, he thought. After a while, there was a shadow that cross him in the dark. He screamed so loud that Joe woke up immediately. "What's it with you, dude. You freaked me out!". Quinn was sweating. He was trembling. Joe jumped out of his bed and asked him "What is it?" Quinn said "I think I saw something". Joe said "Come on man, there is nothing. You need medical assistance." "No,Joe. I can prove it to you". "But How?"Joe asked.

Quinn explained the plan to Joe - just the same plan  that is implemented in the movie 'paranormal activity'. Joe shouted at Quinn "Cut the crap, man. You are just imagining things.Just sleep,dude. We have work to do in the morning". They slept. The time was 3:00 in the morning. Joe fell down from the bed. "OMG.Did you push me out of the bed, man?" asked Joe who was still lying on the floor. There was no response. Joe stood up and found Quinn sleeping. This damn guy is sleeping and Joe saw a shadow moving right before him. He screamed "Ooooooooooooaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Quinn woke up and asked "What is it?". Now, Joe was trembling. Quinn giggled, "You got me ,now bud?". "Shut up, Quinn". "I need a beer" "Now?"asked Quinn "Yes,now!" Quinn got out of the bed and went to the fridge to get a beer. "What the heck is that?" asked Joe who was scared to death. 

Quinn looked and it was full of pimples on his right feet. Quinn was frightened and decided to go to Swami, the next morning. "Let's go to the doc, first thing in the morning" said Joe.

-To be continued... 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Dreaded- Episode 3

Inviting trouble!

He  was confused,puzzled or anything we could say. He started crying 'Why is this happening to me?' . Quinn was pissed off after sitting in the lawn for a while. He was now bold enough to go inside the house. 'OK, enough is enough. I am checking this out' 'Come on' He raced through the house door and went straight into the kitchen. There was nothing. No blood traces at all. He had confirmed now that something is terribly terribly wrong.  He was too tired of all this. He had to go to work the next morning. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat on the sofa watching baseball. He slept in sometime.

Quinn woke up nervously as heard someone banging the door. 'Anybody there?' 'Open the door!' 'Hello!' He opened the door and saw a lot of people before his house .He turned left o recognize that there a was homicide  scene right in Quinn's lawn. 'Oh my god!' 'What happened?' 'Is someone dead?'. The police officer of the Miami police department briefed Quinn about the  homicide. ' Hello,May I know your name please?' 'Quinn' 'Alright. Did you see or hear anything related to this murder?' 'No,sir!.But I am getting late for work'. The police officer asked Quinn to call him back if he knew or if he remembers something about the murder.

Quinn saw the dead body from a distance and was terrified. The body was of a teen girl whose head had been cut off completely. The head was placed  near the body. The girl was wearing a green nightwear. Quinn also saw the blood traces near the body and it reminded him of the blood traces that were there in his house. He went inside his house and locked the door. He got ready and  left to office.

'Hi, there. How have you been?' asked Natasha. Natasha was Quinn's work buddy who looked very beautiful and fun loving.  'I'm fine.' 'No, it doesn't look like you are fine!' 'Whatever it is?, have you completed your Quality analysis report?' asked Quinn. 'Yes,Quinn. I finished it and I've already sent you an E-mail.' 'Alright' said Quinn.

Quinn started from his office at 7 pm that evening. I t was a hard day at work for Quinn. He came back and called Joe on his cell phone. 'Hey man! whats up?' 'Lets meet at the Irish pub tonight man' 'No,joe. I am not well. May be I should get some sleep'. 'OK,bud, what's the matter?' ' Can I sleep at your place tonight?'. Joe was confused. 'Come over,man.' said Joe. Quinn became annoyed and was frightened about his house. He thought he must move to another house. Quinn decided to sleep at Joe's place till then.

Quinn drove to Joe's house and they discussed about the murder at his lawn, the blood traces, the indian swami. 'Dude, I don't believe this'. 'May be I can stay at your house' winked Joe. 'This is not a joke man' said Quinn who was looking irritated.

'No man. I think i'll try it. I'll sleep at your house tonight. Lets see who's coming for me?'  said Joe casually.  Joe was a real idiot. He never cared about things. He did a job for a living and was always seeking for women in life.

'Alright,bud. Let's go.' 'Let's check it out then'. 

They headed to Quinn's house for the night to stay. They bought some beer on their way home.
----To be continued.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Dreaded - he who can't sleep because of the curse from the dark.

Episode 2: Am i Jinxed?

Saturday- 6 am. Quinn's alarm rings. He woke up and got refreshed. He met Steve at the Earhart Park. 'Hello,Quinn, How are you doing?' 'I am just fine'. They drove together to meet Priest Deva, who was once a great priest in India. He was once a very famous idol in Asia. Steve asked Quinn 'Do you or have you ever believed in dead souls,son?' 'No,sir,never in my life'. 'Alright,now lets see this man, he is very powerful. He has come to America to visit one of his follower's family. He's returning in a couple of days to India.

'Namaste!' greeted the priest. 'How are you Steve?' 'Hope everyone is fine at home'. 'Yes,Swami, everything is fine. I've come here for one of  my friends' son. 'What's the matter?' asked Swami. 
Steve explained Quinn's situation. 

There was silence. Swami closed his eyes for a minute and opened his eyes. He asked Quinn' What's your name again?' 'Quinn' replied Quinn. Quinn was confused. Swami was starring at Quinn. He said 'I think we are in big trouble, young man'. 'If you want the terrible things that's happening to you, to be cured, then come to India with me'. I will take care of you'. 'No  way!',  Swami. 'Lets come to reality, Swami'. 'I have a job,friends. I just can't come'.

Quinn left  that place with disappointment.

Saturday 10 am- 'I am really worried about the boy',said Swami. 'Why's that?' is something wrong,Swami?'. 'Yes,terribly wrong'. 'He is cursed, grudged !' 'Oh Lord!' 'Please help him, Swami'.
Swami again closed his eyes and Steve was starring at him in fear. ' Quinn will come to me in a couple of days'. How is that,swami?' asked Steve. 'I can see things, Steve'. I will speak to you regarding this another day. I have some meditation to do'.

Thank you Swami for your help. 'See you soon' smiled Swami.

Meanwhile a couple of days passed, by then nothing bad had happened to Quinn. Quinn switched off the television and took a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it. There power was gone.' "Shit!" whats wrong!' shouted Quinn in anger. 'It's damn annoying!'  He sat on the sofa and was pressing the lighter's button. on-off on-off on -off, he suddenly saw a shadow on the wall near TV. He panicked 'What the?' Who's that?' There was a weird noise that came from the kitchen. The noise was a mixed voice of a male and a female voice. It was very scary'. He ran to the door and opened it and went to the lawn.
He sat there smoking. He realised that there power for other houses in the neighbourhood and only his house was put off without power. Suddenly the power was up. He went in to the kitchen and again found some blood traces in the kitchen wall. He was damned! He was horrified. There was sweat all over his face.
--- To be continued.