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Monday, 24 November 2014

The dreaded!

Note: Hi folks, I am starting up with a horror series that I have decided to write. This will be a series and I will be writing every alternate day and please keep reading and encourage me.

First of all, I would like to thank all my friends who have been encouraging me to write blogs! I have always thought about writing something interesting.

The Dreaded - he who can't sleep because of the curse from the dark.

Episode1: The beginning

Miami, 8 am. Last night was so terrible and disturbing  for Quinn. He was heading to work. Blurry vision, headache, nausea is what he's got right now. He had slept only for an hour last night. He stopped at the coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee. He took his seat back in the car and said "damn.. this isn't good". The coffee he  just bought slipped off from the passenger's seat next to him and it was a complete mess. He started off  and reached office. 
Hello Quinn," Whats'up?". It was Natasha, a senior employee  from his office. Quinn nodded saying " fine!" with a somnolent face. He walked in with his briefcase which contains all the Quality documents that he needed to sign the previous day. Quinn sat there thinking about last night. Why wasn't I not sleeping? This has been happening for a few days now. May be I should consult a doctor?. He let it go.
He started signing the documents.

There was a flashing light when he opened his eyes. "Where am I ?" he asked. You are the Green tree hospital. You passed out at work. Ambulance took you here. "Oh. what the ?" , I'm just fine argued Quinn. " You'rent!   You're friend, joe is on the way to see you" replied the doctor.

He was fine then. He had been in the hospital for 2 days. " I want to talk to you,doc. I have a problem. Quinn decided it is time to open up the issue to the doctor.
The doctor advised him to go to the most efficient and popular psychologist- Mr. John McKenzie . Mr. McKenzie was a tall man with a numb look on his face, like the Droopy dog!
After a week , he went to McKenzie to seek medical attention. "Hello, Doctor". Dr.Lynch told me about you. "Yes, good to see you. How have you been"? asked the doctor. "Yes, that's why I am here doctor" replied Quinn.
OK, what's your problem?  go on. 
It has been a terrible month for me doctor. I am unable to sleep and concentrate. I don't know whats the problem" said Quinn. Lets start with hypnosis. The doctor asked Quinn to Sit on the on that chair and just follow his instructions. He started hypnotizing him. You are at your home sleeping. What exactly did you see, then? There was a long silence.Quinn screamed "No.. don't do this to me. Who are you? Why are you targeting me every night. I am innocent. Leave me alone. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!"
Stop it! Stop it! said Quin's girlfriend. This is ridiculous. looks too dangerous -'. 'Well it's over.Don't you  worry', stopped the doc. I've been dealing with things like this for the last 20 years. I know this. He might have a multiple personality disorder or hallucinations. 
After the session, the doctor took him to another room for further tests.
Everything looks fine to me. It doesn't look like a problem to me. May be he's been having nightmares lately. 

That evening after the consultation, Quinn went to the Jonas Bar and had some beer. I guess I am fine now. looks like I 'll sleep like a baby tonight. Hey hey ! he thought to himself.  He went home and switched on the television and suddenly he heard a sound from the kitchen. The sound he heard was a broken glass's sound. When he stood up from the sofa, the power went off. He shouted "Who is it?", come on,tell me. He took the cell phone from his pocket and switched on the LED flash light and went to the kitchen. No one was there. A glass bottle containing Pasta broke and he came back. He said to himself 'How could this happen?'. I guess there is something else in this house. It's jut not today. Weird things has been happening from the day I moved to this house.
Next morning he was preparing coffee and he noted some blood traces in his kitchen wall near the kitchen sink. He touched the blood trace, it was fresh and said 'I didn't get hurt!' 'How could this happen?' 
He called his friend Joe and told him about it . Joe was in his late twenties, who is cool in his own way. Joe arrived to Quinn's house and saw the blood traces. 'Take your day off', lets have fun today' said Joe. 'Okie,lets do it!' agreed Quinn. Quinn informed  the  day's leave and went to the Miami beach.
Joe,sipping a beer was looking serious and he looked at Quinn. Quinn asked "Why are you starring at me?' 'It is so embarrassing man'. 'I feel little weird dude' said Joe.'I know a ghost hunter, who chases evil spirits' 'Could it be-'Shut up man!' stopped Quinn.

After sometime they went to a bar for another drink and Quinn asked Joe 'Why do you think it would be a ghost or some evil spirit,man?' 'I don't know, it just crossed my mind' 'No bother!'
'OK,Lets do it.' started Quinn. 'Are you kidding me?, you need to be serious Quinn'. 'I am serious man, replied Quinn.
OK,Lets go and meet him. Stephen was a tall man, weighing a hectic 100 kg with a mark with a manly look , dressed in a black suit and trousers. 'Hello Steve' 'Hello Joe, how are you?' It's been a long time since we've met. This is the first time we are meeting after your father's death. 'Yes, you are right, Steve'. 'What's your problem son?'

Quinn started from day he couldn't sleep properly till he found blood traces. 'I can feel that that are some weird and terrible things happening with me. I am not able to sleep in the night and when I am able to, I get nightmares' explained Quinn.
'What kind of nightmares?' ' I am sleeping with devils and they are dragging me somewhere in the dark'.
' I 've heard of these signs before with a pale face. He started trembling and his voice choked. 'Son, did you lately go to any of burial grounds and find anything unusual?' 'No,replied Quinn with a strange face'. 'Son, try to remember nay unusual thing that you did lately. Did you give anyone a strand of your hair or something like that'. 'No, sir,not at all'

'Are you free this weekend son?' 'Yes,Sir'. 'Come here at 8 in the morning. I will take you to a place'.-

-To be continued...

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