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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Dreaded - he who can't sleep because of the curse from the dark.

Episode 2: Am i Jinxed?

Saturday- 6 am. Quinn's alarm rings. He woke up and got refreshed. He met Steve at the Earhart Park. 'Hello,Quinn, How are you doing?' 'I am just fine'. They drove together to meet Priest Deva, who was once a great priest in India. He was once a very famous idol in Asia. Steve asked Quinn 'Do you or have you ever believed in dead souls,son?' 'No,sir,never in my life'. 'Alright,now lets see this man, he is very powerful. He has come to America to visit one of his follower's family. He's returning in a couple of days to India.

'Namaste!' greeted the priest. 'How are you Steve?' 'Hope everyone is fine at home'. 'Yes,Swami, everything is fine. I've come here for one of  my friends' son. 'What's the matter?' asked Swami. 
Steve explained Quinn's situation. 

There was silence. Swami closed his eyes for a minute and opened his eyes. He asked Quinn' What's your name again?' 'Quinn' replied Quinn. Quinn was confused. Swami was starring at Quinn. He said 'I think we are in big trouble, young man'. 'If you want the terrible things that's happening to you, to be cured, then come to India with me'. I will take care of you'. 'No  way!',  Swami. 'Lets come to reality, Swami'. 'I have a job,friends. I just can't come'.

Quinn left  that place with disappointment.

Saturday 10 am- 'I am really worried about the boy',said Swami. 'Why's that?' is something wrong,Swami?'. 'Yes,terribly wrong'. 'He is cursed, grudged !' 'Oh Lord!' 'Please help him, Swami'.
Swami again closed his eyes and Steve was starring at him in fear. ' Quinn will come to me in a couple of days'. How is that,swami?' asked Steve. 'I can see things, Steve'. I will speak to you regarding this another day. I have some meditation to do'.

Thank you Swami for your help. 'See you soon' smiled Swami.

Meanwhile a couple of days passed, by then nothing bad had happened to Quinn. Quinn switched off the television and took a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it. There power was gone.' "Shit!" whats wrong!' shouted Quinn in anger. 'It's damn annoying!'  He sat on the sofa and was pressing the lighter's button. on-off on-off on -off, he suddenly saw a shadow on the wall near TV. He panicked 'What the?' Who's that?' There was a weird noise that came from the kitchen. The noise was a mixed voice of a male and a female voice. It was very scary'. He ran to the door and opened it and went to the lawn.
He sat there smoking. He realised that there power for other houses in the neighbourhood and only his house was put off without power. Suddenly the power was up. He went in to the kitchen and again found some blood traces in the kitchen wall. He was damned! He was horrified. There was sweat all over his face.
--- To be continued. 
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