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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Episode 08 -  Jollification

'I don't know?, may be trekking?' 'Oh, I'd be impressed if it is. So, what is it?' 'We are going to the Ongoye forest for trekking. We will be spending two days there. It's going to be wonderful.

Toby sat for a while thinking. "Ah! I 've heard above Ongoye forest! It's very dangerous." 'Come on. Nothing's dangerous. It's pretty cool, I've heard. What do you know about Ongoye?'. Toby smiled ' I don't know. Just heard stuff about....'Leave it all. Do you want go there?' asked Quinn. Toby gave him a cold stare and smiled. 'Let's go,Quinn'.

The following weekend,Toby and Quinn packed their stuff and were ready to go the Ongoye forest to have fun and some romance.Quinn had a V4 Sahara Jeep, his favorite one. They drove to the Ongoye forest and on the way they discussed on various topics like cinema,sports and of course their university. Quinn asked Toby 'What do you think about ghosts?' Wha-what?, ghosts, oh shut up! There are no ghosts and if they would have existed I would have  seen one by now! Toby frowned. My grandmother used to tell me a lot of incidents that really happened. Quinn gave a huge grin. 'Toby, you must grow up'.

'Let's pull over here. I am famished. What about you? Aren't you hungry?' ' I am hungry as a bear' winked Quinn. 'You wouldn't tell me a thing' 'What, I just told you that I am hungry!' 'You told me that only when I asked you' 'Alright! Alright! Let's pull over at a descent highway motel.'

They took the table at the S'Gate highway motel. They ordered their food quickly and started to eat. 'The food here isn't so tasty. I thought you knew this place well. 'Come on , Toby, this is just a motel and what do you expect?'
-----To be continued.

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