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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Episode 07- Back in the days

Quinn came running to see Swami straightway as he woke up. 'I am scared to death.Help me out.The holy rope you gave me has disappeared'. 'Cool down.You can leave to your place now.I was thinking that the problem was small. Now I don't have any idea.I am sorry Quinn.Looks like I cannot help you.
'You tried your best did you not'? Swami shook his head and asked Mano to arrange  his travel.'I will be in touch with you,Quinn.'Bye,Swami.Quinn left with full of disappointment in his heart.'This guy said that he would cure everything?' Quinn thought to himself. Quinn was perplexed. 'Oh, well, I 'd better call Steve now.' 'Hello? Is this Steve'?' 'Yes,Quinn, How is India?' 'Steve, this guy,Swami has now asked me to go back to the states? What on earth is happening? Things have got worse and I don't wanna be at home. I am scared,Steve'. 'I don't have answers for you,Steve'. 'I'll be there in the next three days. I 'll meet you'. 'OK, Quinn, take care.'

Quinn went to his hotel room and undressed and took a bath. He came to  bed and switched on the TV. There were a bunch of Indian regional channels and he wasn't interested. He switched off the TV. Quinn closed his eyes and ---------

Rhodes University, 2006. Quinn was having breakfast with Toby at the University. 'Hey, what's the plan today?' was the question from Quinn to Toby;one of Quinn's friends. Toby was a tall woman with a fair complexion. Her ancestors were from the Netherlands. She was very beautiful,also a very confident,cool-headed girl. 'Let's go to Jimmy's cafe' 'Alright,lets go'. They headed to Jimmy's Cafe which was an hour's travel from their University.They arrived at Jimmy's and took their seats. 'What would you like to have sir?' 'Two Egg Muffins, an Espresso and a Red Cappuccino,please'.
So, where should we go for the vacation, this time, Quinn. I am very eager. We are gonna have so much fun'.

----To be continued...

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