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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Girl in the Bus

Hey People,

 I am gonna share an interesting incident that happened in my life. I was travelling in a bus from Madurai ( a place in South India) to Rajapalayam (a place in south India). The bus was very crowded. It was difficult to move, as we all know that India is a highly populated country. Some of the people got down from the bus and then people started taking their seats. Even after that, some people had to stand since all the seats were occupied. I suddenly turned, I saw a beautiful girl. She was also staring at me. I was happy, that a beautiful girl is looking at me. Now, this went on for more than 10 minutes.Suddenly I realised that She was actually looking somwhere behind me. I was so stupid that I realized it so lately. Then I turned and I found that she was actually looking at another boy and not me. How stupid id it guys? Anyways I never give up. I started searching for another beautiful girl would look at me.
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