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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Bloody experience!

Hey folks, I am going to share one of my experiences with you. Its my pleasure to share it with you. It was a wierd experience for me. I never expected this to come in my life. When I was graduating in software engineering, like everyone else, I had a lot of friends. (I still have a lot of friends). Every three months, our college conducts a blood donation camp. As per our college rules, whoever donates blood  for the blood daonation camp, can take a half day leave as an OD(on duty). So I and most of my friends used to go to movie theatres. So just to hang out, we began to donate blood. For people wondering or questioning "why these guys donate blood just to hang out with friends?", I have an answer. Its just because we were engineering students and we had lots of assignments and hated most of our professors. We never wanted to stay in our campus. So, it was fun. Then an year passed by. I was in my third year of graduation. One Sunday, I got a phone call from my friend saying that his aunt needs blood. They wanted O-ve(O Negetive), which is my blood group. I didnot want to donate blood on a Sunday. But I knew that I had to help my friend. So I went to Theni( A place in Tamilnadu,India) from Madurai(A place in Tamilnadu,India).I travelled on a bus. I travelled for two hours.I reached the Theni bus-station. The weather was very hot. I thought why should I spoil my Sunday?. Then, I took another bus from that bus-station to the hospital. I reached the hospital. My friend's relatives recieved me and took me to the place where my friend's aunt was admitted. I never knew about her problem in health. I never bothered to ask,beacuse I would feel pity for her. It could have made me mentally uncomfortable. So I saw her and told her that she would recover soon. Then I went to the Labratory. They checked my blood group and weight. Then I donated blood. I was happy that I have helped someone.I was done with my work there. I was talking to my friend . Suddenly a compounder came to me and ask whether I know people who can donate blood. I told him that I am not sure about it, but I would try to bring people. Then he asked me to come with him for a minute to the genral ward. I thought there is no harm in going there and I went along. I saw so many poor people expecting people to donate blood for them. There was no one to take care of them. I was shocked. I saw old people and I spoke to them, they told me that their children admitted them there and went away after giving them some money. Now, most of them wanted blood. They didnot have people to help them. People who needed Opositive(O+ve) were also suffering. I knew that O+ve was easily available if someone would organize and make students aware of whats going on. Students would help. From then on, I stopped donating blood in my college.In fact, I asked my close friends not to donate blood in college. I wanted students to help the poor. So after that day, I have donated blood in more than 5 emergency cases including a heart surgery and a blood cancer emergency. I have a reason to live. People have blessed me that I have been useful to save lives. I love that feeling when you save a life. It makes you feel proud. Life is not just about materialism. It is all about your heart.
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