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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Almost Dead

I am going to share an incident that occured in my childhood. It was a wierd incident. I and  my mother were travelling from Kerala(A state in India) to Chennai ( A City in Tamilnadu,India). I was somewhere around three years old. The train stopped at a station (I am not sure about the station's name) . My mother got down from the train and went to get something to eat for me and herself. I was alone on the train. As a kid, I just came out of the train looking for my mother . The station was very crowded. Once I got down from the train, I slipped from the  train's footboard and some how went under the train. I was on the track and above me was the train. I started weeping. People nearby heard some kid crying. Well, It was me! By this time, my mom had returned from the  railway kiosk and found me on the track where the train was supposed to move upon. She screamed!. The train gave its huge horn, an alarm to tell people that its going to move. People ran to the guard compartment, to tell him that there was a baby on the track. Some people also pulled the red chain on the train compartment which is used to stop the train in case of any emergency. I never knew how the train never moved . It was god's gift to me. Then people grabbed me and removed me from the small gap that is present between the platform level and the track. I got saved. My mother has told me about this incident for more than 50 times. It is a miracle.

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