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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Problems %$&^$%^&%^ everywhere!!!!

Hey people,

Incident #1-It has been a while since I've prodded y'all with some incidents. Let me start off with one. The special thing is, it just happened yesterday. 5:30 pm I was walking on the sidewalk of a main road. It was a peak hour in Bangalore, India. Pollution was at its best! Everyone was busy. I was listening to "Everything's not lost" by coldplay and was walking on the pavement. A speedy car passed by and splashed water on me. I was more concerned about my clothes than myself.( being a bachelor). I shouted at the peak of my voice, that he could hear me and stop the car. Oh yes! he stopped the car. I went near the car. He got down from the four wheeled vehicle and came rushing towards me. I asked him,why the hell, did you do this to me. The answer that gave me was astonishing! He said " I do this everyday, people never shout at me, its just the way how it goes". I was like "What the hell    are you talking?", he went away. I came off. I just thought about the answer that he gave me. When people don't bother or fight against any mistake, nothing gets solved. Its as simple as that.

Incident #2- A man inside a car, was scolding a beggar because the beggar was annoying asking the man to give him some money. I could see all this because I walk from my office to home. The beggar didn't get money from the rich man, he came off to the next car, there was no response again. He went to the platform of the main road and opened his bag which contained a lot of money. ( I meaning it) He took some change from his bag and went to the tea shop. You may think, what is the problem here. The problem is : I asked myself , why does he need to beg when he has a lot of money. Moreover, the beggar was healthy and was not handicapped or impaired.He is confident enough that people will give him money everyday , so that he doesn't have to work. He is actually lazy. Always think before giving money to beggars.

The distance from my office to home is just 2.5 Kms. Within 2kms, I found 2 incidents which were socially unacceptable from my point of view. Imagine how many problems we would face if we were to to walk a longer distance. This is just opinion on some of the people, who just spoil their city,state,country. Think about it.
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