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Monday, 7 October 2013

Fattest to the slimmest

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I've written any posts. I am here to share some interesting stuff . Nikhil was in his second year of graduation, in a college in Hyderabad. He was not one of the active students in his class. Nikhil studied well though. Nikhil lived in Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh. He was studying his electrical engineering. Then arrived a girl named Shreya in his department in the first year. She was his junior.

It was on a day in the month of June. Every senior student began to check out new girls in the college. So Nikhil accomponied his friends. He, in particular didnot have any interest in taking a look at the new girls. It was then when Nikhil saw Shereya for the first time. He was flattered. Any word which could describe her beauty can be mentioned here. But I don't want to waste time on that. She was beautiful enough for him. He immediately fell in love with her. It might have took him a fraction of seconds to fall in love with her.

 After a few days she realized that Nikhil follows her where she goes , both inside and outside the college except her house of course. She was not bothered about him, but she knew that someone is behind her all the time.

One fine day, this guy (Nihkil) decided to say his love to Shreya. Shreya had a lot of friends in her college . She was never alone. He had tried to propose to her everytime , he saw her. He was not able to do it. one fine day he proposed to her "I love you". Then she started laughing , and  she said "Look at you!", look at yourself . You are damn fat, and look like a clown. She left after that. Nikhil was agitated for the next few days. He mwt with one of his old friends who told him about weightloss. Ridiculous weight loss. He weighed a dirty 207lbs (94kgs) and this is where he started his journey. He ran 1km, he ran 3km,5km,6km,8km,10,12,13,15km then this was his life.running was addicted. In a span of 6 months he lost around 55pounds(25kgs). He went to her, now she was stunned after he went to her with his new appearance. Now what, said Nikhil. I'ts really amazing how a little amount of inspiration makes you a new person.

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