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Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Dreaded- Episode 3

Inviting trouble!

He  was confused,puzzled or anything we could say. He started crying 'Why is this happening to me?' . Quinn was pissed off after sitting in the lawn for a while. He was now bold enough to go inside the house. 'OK, enough is enough. I am checking this out' 'Come on' He raced through the house door and went straight into the kitchen. There was nothing. No blood traces at all. He had confirmed now that something is terribly terribly wrong.  He was too tired of all this. He had to go to work the next morning. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat on the sofa watching baseball. He slept in sometime.

Quinn woke up nervously as heard someone banging the door. 'Anybody there?' 'Open the door!' 'Hello!' He opened the door and saw a lot of people before his house .He turned left o recognize that there a was homicide  scene right in Quinn's lawn. 'Oh my god!' 'What happened?' 'Is someone dead?'. The police officer of the Miami police department briefed Quinn about the  homicide. ' Hello,May I know your name please?' 'Quinn' 'Alright. Did you see or hear anything related to this murder?' 'No,sir!.But I am getting late for work'. The police officer asked Quinn to call him back if he knew or if he remembers something about the murder.

Quinn saw the dead body from a distance and was terrified. The body was of a teen girl whose head had been cut off completely. The head was placed  near the body. The girl was wearing a green nightwear. Quinn also saw the blood traces near the body and it reminded him of the blood traces that were there in his house. He went inside his house and locked the door. He got ready and  left to office.

'Hi, there. How have you been?' asked Natasha. Natasha was Quinn's work buddy who looked very beautiful and fun loving.  'I'm fine.' 'No, it doesn't look like you are fine!' 'Whatever it is?, have you completed your Quality analysis report?' asked Quinn. 'Yes,Quinn. I finished it and I've already sent you an E-mail.' 'Alright' said Quinn.

Quinn started from his office at 7 pm that evening. I t was a hard day at work for Quinn. He came back and called Joe on his cell phone. 'Hey man! whats up?' 'Lets meet at the Irish pub tonight man' 'No,joe. I am not well. May be I should get some sleep'. 'OK,bud, what's the matter?' ' Can I sleep at your place tonight?'. Joe was confused. 'Come over,man.' said Joe. Quinn became annoyed and was frightened about his house. He thought he must move to another house. Quinn decided to sleep at Joe's place till then.

Quinn drove to Joe's house and they discussed about the murder at his lawn, the blood traces, the indian swami. 'Dude, I don't believe this'. 'May be I can stay at your house' winked Joe. 'This is not a joke man' said Quinn who was looking irritated.

'No man. I think i'll try it. I'll sleep at your house tonight. Lets see who's coming for me?'  said Joe casually.  Joe was a real idiot. He never cared about things. He did a job for a living and was always seeking for women in life.

'Alright,bud. Let's go.' 'Let's check it out then'. 

They headed to Quinn's house for the night to stay. They bought some beer on their way home.
----To be continued.

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