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Sunday, 15 March 2015

                                  Episode 4: Blood curdling-night

Here it is. Quinn and Joe were awake till midnight and they waited for  the symptoms that Quinn said. Since they had beer and were tired; they were asleep by 12:30. Everything was calm. The time was 2:30 AM. Quinn could hear a child;  a girl  who was squalling. He looked at his watch. The time was 2:40. He gave a sign of relief. This mustn't be something that I am looking for, he thought. After a while, there was a shadow that cross him in the dark. He screamed so loud that Joe woke up immediately. "What's it with you, dude. You freaked me out!". Quinn was sweating. He was trembling. Joe jumped out of his bed and asked him "What is it?" Quinn said "I think I saw something". Joe said "Come on man, there is nothing. You need medical assistance." "No,Joe. I can prove it to you". "But How?"Joe asked.

Quinn explained the plan to Joe - just the same plan  that is implemented in the movie 'paranormal activity'. Joe shouted at Quinn "Cut the crap, man. You are just imagining things.Just sleep,dude. We have work to do in the morning". They slept. The time was 3:00 in the morning. Joe fell down from the bed. "OMG.Did you push me out of the bed, man?" asked Joe who was still lying on the floor. There was no response. Joe stood up and found Quinn sleeping. This damn guy is sleeping and Joe saw a shadow moving right before him. He screamed "Ooooooooooooaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Quinn woke up and asked "What is it?". Now, Joe was trembling. Quinn giggled, "You got me ,now bud?". "Shut up, Quinn". "I need a beer" "Now?"asked Quinn "Yes,now!" Quinn got out of the bed and went to the fridge to get a beer. "What the heck is that?" asked Joe who was scared to death. 

Quinn looked and it was full of pimples on his right feet. Quinn was frightened and decided to go to Swami, the next morning. "Let's go to the doc, first thing in the morning" said Joe.

-To be continued... 

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