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Friday, 20 March 2015

Episode 05- Welcome to India

‘Welcome back, son!’ said Swami with a smirk on his face. Quinn was puzzled  and though to himself ‘Looks like this guy has been expecting me’. ‘Yes, Swami, help me out. Weird things are happening with me’. ‘Don’t worry son. Everything is going to be fine.’  ‘But how’? argued Quinn. I need you to come with me to India. ‘No way’  ‘I have a lot of things to do. Can’t you suggest something in here’? ‘Well for your case, it is not possible, Quinn. I will make you fine and send you back here. ‘Ok. I’ll let you know.’ ‘Ok. Son I am leaving tomorrow to India. ‘Expecting you in India, son.’  ‘Ok, Swami. Give me the details. I will meet you there’. ‘Good for you’ said Swami and smiled.

After one month, Quinn was in the International terminal at the MIA. It was Quinn’s first time to India. He was not happy going to India. I will get his problem sorted and return as soon as possible, he thought. He reached the Chennai International airport in India. Some of Swami’s followers came to receive Quinn. They had a sign board Welcome- Joseph Quinn -Miami. He saw the signboard and called Swami and confirmed. He was taken in a car to one of Swami’s ashrams in Chennai.

‘There you are. Happy to see you in India, son’ welcomed Swami. Quinn smiled at Swami and said ‘ I hope to clear up things and leave as soon as possible’. ‘Tell me, what’s to be –
Swami stopped him ‘Son, you have been cursed and you right now are a huge victim of black magic. I can explain it to you.  Just answer my questions. ‘Have you not been able to sleep well lately?’ ‘Yes’ ‘are you tired all the time’? ‘Do you get frightened by things that you would never be frightened of’? ‘Yes’. ‘Then black magic it is, Quinn’. Quinn looked terrified ‘But I have never done bad things to others’.  ‘Quinn, people who do not like you or who are jealous of you would have done it. ‘Now, what do we do’? was the question from Quinn.

Swami stood up and gave him a holy rope to tie on his hand. ‘Do I really need this, Swami?’
‘Yes, you do’. He tied the rope on his hand and asked him not to remove it.

--To be continued.
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