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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Episode 6- Possessed!

'Okay, Alright. Am I gonna be fine from now?' 'This doesn't allow you anything to near you, I mean any bad spirit, OK? Stay strong young man, you will be fine' 'I hope so' nodded Quinn. 'How long am gonna be here'? 'Priest Steve would have already told you the plan.. 'Yeah. He did tell me'. He told me that you were gonna perform some ritual and then I could leave after you are finished. 'Yes. that's right. so you already knew,didn't you? 'But i wasn't clear,that's why I asked you'.'Don't worry. I have a person to look after you. He's my assistant Mano. Mano was short man with a small face and a thin body. He will take care of you, just in case you need anything. 'Alright. I am leaving to my hotel. Thanks for your help Swami'. 'No. Wait, I want to talk to you. Do want to know what happened to you? Quinn shook his head 'Not again, swami. You said I am a victim of black magic. Is that it?' 'No son. You are possessed by some weird evil spirits.' ' what the heck? I don't believe it' Quinn couldn't believe what Swami told him. 'Calm down son. Come with me. That's why I called you here to India. I'll take it out of your body and send you back.' 'Is this some kind of exorcism'? 'Not exactly' said Swami. You relax now. 'Go and have some fun if you want.' Quinn left the place confused. Quinn spend the rest if the day shopping with Mano and finally left to his hotel room. The time was 11:00 pm in the night. He was tired and he slept immediately. The time was 12:20AM. Quinn woke up all of a sudden with his body itching very badly. 'Oh. God what's wrong. I am itching like crazy'. 'Oh. God, save me'. Quinn woke up from his bed and went and stood in front of a mirror in the room to take a look at his body.

Quinn saw his body his back which had a lot of pimples. He suddenly saw an image moving in the mirror. 'What the?' Quinn was shocked. He took a close look at the mirror. He now saw a weird shadow that was approaching him. Oh God 'No.......'

Quinn woke up in the morning with some blood on his nose and the some of the things disarranged and that had fallen down from the table and bed. The rope that was given to him was not there in his hand.
-To be continued....
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